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Fashion Designer


Fashion Mavin

Is a Canada based online fast fashion retail store. Founded in 2021 by young generation minds - Kaul Brother's.


The company is known for the engagement through social media for its products by interacting with its users and assisting influencers to earn the dream they desire for.


With the  sheer level of extensive research and analysis  the dream was established, which Mavins craved for, also based on the research the brothers found the disconnect.


It is difficult for one person to do so unless you are a Bilzerian or a Kardashian. You need investment, fame and a good team to achieve that, and that is where FashionMavin fits in.


We provide a platform to all the influencers to help them achieve their dream of having their own label. At this company you do what you are best at and leave the rest to us, We will take care of the manufacturing, designing, labeling, logistics and marketing.

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